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My Kinda Obsession | Beauty Subscription Box - Beauty Fix May 2017 Review

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

I mentioned in a previous post that I used to be a subscription box junkie. I’ve since downsized and currently am only subscribed to two beauty subscription boxes. Beauty Fix from Dermstore is the second subscription box that I am subscribed to and will be reviewing today! Continue reading to find out more about my Beauty Fix May 2017 box.

Beauty Fix – What is it?

I’m not going to go into too much detail as Beauty Fix is your standard beauty subscription box. With Beauty Fix, you pay $24.95 and receive a variety of full size and deluxe size samples of makeup, skincare, and haircare. You can also choose not to subscribe and buy a box as a one-time purchase; this will cost you $34.95.

This is only the second box that I’ve gotten from Beauty Fix. I can’t say if it’s worth to subscribe to or not yet. I plan to wait for another 2 to 3 boxes to see if I’ll continue subscribing or if I’ll cancel. Expect more reviews from me in the coming months as I receive the box. Hopefully, it’ll also help you decide if you’re on the fence about subscribing or not.

Now onto the review!

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

Like most subscription boxes, when you open the box, you’ll get an insert with all of the products that are in the box and a description of what the product does. There are loads of blogs that give you an inside peak of what you’ll get in the box. I choose not to read them because I want to be surprised when I get my box and because I don’t want their opinions to sway me one way or the other. I didn’t know what I was going to get this month and once I opened the box, I’ll be honest and say I was underwhelmed. There wasn’t anything terrible in the box but also nothing that wowed me either. 

Enough talking let’s see what I received this month!

The Goodies – Full Size

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

The first thing I noticed in the Beauty Fix May 2017 Box was the daily concepts your stretch wash cloth. It’s full size (obviously) and retails for $14 on the dermstore website. It claims to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. This product was meh. I feel like I can get exfoliation from a $1 loofah and it will do the same thing. I don’t plan on using this and will likely give it away to someone in my family.

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

Probably the best product in the box was a full sized smartlash eyelash enhancer. This retails for $49.95 on the website, so you’ve already recouped the value of the box with this product alone! You’re probably thinking, how are you feeling meh about this box when you’ve already gotten your money worth?? I would be more excited, but I’m already using an amazing lash enhancer that I hope to write about soon. If I weren’t already using a similar product, I would definitely be excited about this!

I haven’t decided if I’ll keep this or give it away. If I keep it, I’ll definitely do a comparison of this product vs another that I’m currently using!

The Goodies – Deluxe Size Samples

The rest of the products that came in the Beauty Fix May 2017 Box were deluxe sized samples.

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

From left to right:

The first thing you’ll see is the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream Sea-Kissed. A full-size product is 3.4oz and retails for $24. We received a 1.3oz size product, so a little more than half. Surprisingly, I am excited about this product. My hands are always dry due to the fact that I’m constantly washing my hands. I needed a small size hand cream that I can keep in my makeup bag. This product is perfect for that so I’m excited to try this out!

Next in the row is the Manna Kadar Cosmetics Runway Ready face primer. A full-size product is 0.68oz and retails for $42 (wtf!!!). In the box, we received a 0.27oz product so less than half. I use face primer sparingly and haven’t found any that wowed me. Considering the cost of this product, I have high expectations.

Finally, in this picture, I received the Tula Skincare Hydrating Day and Night Cream. This retails for $52 at 1.7oz. I received a 0.5oz sample. I’ve never tried anything from this brand so I am excited to try this. For the size though, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to tell if this does anything for my skin or not.

The Goodies – Deluxe Size Samples pt 2

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

Almost there, guys, only a few more products to talk about!

The last three products I received are:

NuFACE Prep-N-Glow Cloths. These cloths are meant to be used to cleanse and exfoliate your face. They come with 20 cloths and are a value of $20 (so $1 per cloth). In the box, I received one cloth sample. There are two sides to this product, one smooth side to use for cleansing, and the other side has ‘micro-dots’ that are used for exfoliating. I don’t tend to use cleansing cloths, but I do think they are great for traveling. I have a trip coming in the next few weeks and will be taking this with me to try out!

coTZ FACE natural tint SPF 40. I just wrote a blog post about my favorite sunscreens and was excited to see this in my box. I am a weirdo and love trying new SPF products! I’ve never tried one with a tint to it so I am curious to see how it will go with my skin tone. I swatched on the back of my hand and the texture feels great. Silky, hydrating, and blended in easily. There’s currently 194 reviews of this product and it has 5 stars.

Vita Liberta ten minute tan. A self-tanning product that retails for $39 for 5.5oz. I received a 0.68oz sample in my beauty fix May 2017 box. I don’t self-tan so I will not be using this product and will be giving it away.

Bonus Product!

Beauty Fix May 2017 Box

It looks like we received a bonus product in this months box! We got a deluxe sample of Replenix All-Trans-Retinol Eye Repair Cream. I’m always excited to get eye cream because it’s a problem area of mine (dark circles). I haven’t found a holy grail product so I’m still on the search for a good one. This product retails for $81 for 0.5oz. I received a 0.21oz, so almost half of the full size!

I’ll definitely let you know my thoughts on this product.

Final Thoughts

I know we received a lot of good products so I’m not sure why I’m so meh about this month’s box. Although there were good products, none of them especially wowed me or made me want to try it out right away. I’m still very happy about the value of the products compared to what I paid for it, but it’s still a trial period for me and I need to get a couple more boxes to make a final decision.

If you have subscribed, what did you think of Beauty Fix May 2017 Box? If you’re not subscribed, would you want to subscribe? Let me know in the comments! 





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