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Hey! I’m Valeria (pronounced v-aa-l-eh-r-ih-aa, though it sounds so much better in Spanish…but I digress). I started this blog as a way to share everything that I’m obsessed with from my love of makeup to books to travel and everything in between.

How did I get here? Well quite honestly, I wanted a place where I could have a creative outlet from my day to day job. I currently work in HR, in Compensation to be specific (sounds a lot more interesting than it is…or is that just me…?), and a lot of my daily work involves sitting behind a computer and looking at spreadsheets and data. After work, I would spend an obsessive amount of time reading watching youtube, reading blogs, and thinking ‘I wish I could do that’. I took the plunge and here I am now!

As someone who is a self-proclaimed loner, I also wanted to share my obsessions with someone other than my boyfriend who would only half listen and then respond with ‘cool story, babe’. I hope to inspire and find like-minded people who, after reading my posts, will think, ‘that’s my kinda obsession, too!’

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks! Feel free to comment or follow me on my social media!

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