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May 2017: Beauty Subscription Box by Beauty DNA

I’ve been a beauty subscription box junkie for quite awhile now. I’ve been subscribed to the likes of Ipsy, Sephora’s own subscription box, and much more. Truth be told though, I have unsubscribed from almost all of them. What I really enjoyed receiving were skincare products which tend to be lacking in those beauty boxes. It’s understandable though because skin care products are expensive! It’s much easier and cost effective to send makeup products every month than it is to send out skin care products, especially full-size products at that! I went on a quest to find a skincare subscription box and after lots of searching, I found Beauty DNA.

What is Beauty DNA Beauty Subscription Box?

For $25 a month and free shipping, I receive one full-size skin care product where the value is supposed to be more than what I paid for the box. 

I had to take a beauty profile and fill out questions about topics like my skin concerns, what kind of products I like and don’t like, etc. This helps Beauty DNA figure out what to send me each month. Once I receive each product I can then rate the product which will fine tune what I receive each month even further!

My thoughts?

I like this subscription box a lot! I’ve been able to test out a lot of different products from a variety of brands that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. It’s not all butterflies and rainbows, there are products that I get that I’ve hated (see below for proof), but after each rating, I get better and more personalized products.

Beauty Subscription Box

May 2017 Unboxing:

Enough with the background, let’s get on to the unboxing!


Beauty Subscription Box

Beauty Subscription Box

This month, I received the G.M Collin’s Oxygen Puractive Cream. In the below picture you’ll see what it claims to do, the retail price, and how to use the product. It says it retails for $48 which would mean I saved a bit less than 50% of the cost. Though, in the link I gave you, the cheapest I found this product was $38.

Beauty Subscription Box

In each box, you’ll also get details on why you got matched with the product.

Beauty Subscription Box

Beauty Subscription Box

First impressions, I’m pretty satisfied with the product I received this month. It’s not huge savings, but I’ve tried products from this line and I’ve generally liked it. I’m also in need of a new moisture cream, as I haven’t found my HG (holy grail) product and I’m dying to try as many as I can until I do.

Beauty DNA isn’t currently accepting new subscribers. From their website, it looks like they are trying to launch something new. I would definitely recommend getting on the wait list if you’re a product junkie like me and want to try something new!

Let me know in the comments below if there are any subscription boxes I should try!





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