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My Gym Bag Essentials

After a couple of years of going to the gym on and off, I’ve finally found a gym that I like, feel comfortable going to, and isn’t a hassle to get to. Finding a gym that’s been a fit for me has made it so that I am consistently going. Since the gym is close to my job, I’ve been bringing my gym bag with me to work. I’ve had to ensure I pack my gym bag with all of the essentials since I go to the gym straight from work. My gym bag essentials have made my life so much easier spending less time getting ready and more time working out!

Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag

You can’t have gym bag essentials without first having a gym bag. There are so many different types and sizes to suit anyone’s needs and at so many different price points. My gym bag is medium size because I have to carry a good amount of things around. I personally don’t need anything fancy or with many different pockets. As long as it’s black, has a good amount of depth, and the straps are sturdy, that’s all I need.

Gym Attire

This is pretty much a ‘duh’ category as you can’t workout in work or street clothes. I’m not a Lululemon girl and I don’t have Lululemon money to spend on workout clothes, so I get all my gym clothes from Forever 21. I honestly think the quality has improved over the years. I’ve used it in a variety of different setting from Spin Class to Heavy Weight Lifting and the clothes have held up nicely.  I definitely recommend trying out Forever 21’s activewear if you’re on a budget!


You also can’t workout in regular shoes, you need a good pair of sneakers. Again, there are so many different brands and price points for every budget. I’m partial to Nike and Adidas because I know the quality and styles are going to be on point.

Water Bottle

It’s important to make sure you are hydrated while working out and I always make sure my water bottle is one of the first things that I pack. I’m very partial to my Bkr water bottle and yes I know it’s pretty pricey, but I love the design, love that it’s made of glass, and because I love it so much, I’m inclined to drink more water.

Blender Bottle

In addition to bringing a water bottle, I also bring a blender bottle. A blender bottle has a little shaker inside that will help to dissolve powders in liquids. I have 2 blender bottles, I use one for my pre-workout supplements and one for my protein powders. I definitely recommend getting one of these if you’re serious about your workouts!

Exercise Gloves

There’s nothing worse than developing calluses on your hands because of heavy weight lifting. I try to minimize and prevent this by always wearing exercise gloves. These gloves are padded and provide extra grip when handling heavy weights.

Makeup Remover & Hair Ties

Makeup remover is another must for me. I wear makeup to go to work and since I go to the gym straight from work and don’t like working out in makeup, I need makeup remover. I use either makeup wipes, or currently, I’ve been using cotton pads and micellar water. It removes every last trace of makeup and it’s also useful to use after your workout to remove the sweat and grime. Hair ties are another necessity, my gym doesn’t stock hair ties, so I always carry around a handful to tie my hair up.

All of these items are must haves for me and will always be part of my gym bag essentials. Let me know if there’s anything that I need to add to my gym bag!






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