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My Summer Beach Essentials

It’s full on Summer here in Boston and that can only mean one thing, it’s time to hit the beach. I’ll make a confession in that I don’t like the beaches here in New England. Once you see the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean, any other type of beach is simply underwhelming. This doesn’t stop me from trying to enjoy the beaches that we do have. I bring my summer beach essentials to make the best of these beach trips. Read on to see what I always bring with me!


I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me go on and on about sunscreen, but it’s a must! Especially if you’re going to be out on the beach. I know a lot of people love getting a tan but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on protecting your skin. There are so many different types of sunscreen formulas that you’re bound to find a product you like. Find something that works for you, bring it with you, and don’t forget to reapply. You can’t expect one coat to protect you all day long.

Beach Towel

Another must have to bring with you to the beach. There are so many cute and stylish beach towels that are easy to throw in a beach bag and roll out. I’m really liking the round beach towel trend and I’ve linked a few below that I’m definitely eyeing.


Beach Bag

Beach essentials aren’t complete without a beach bag, how else are you going to hold all of your stuff? Now more than ever there’s so many different styles and price points that you’re bound to find something that works well with your style. I’m looking for a new beach bag as I’ve been using the same Victoria’s Secret beach¬†bag that I’ve had for years. Below are a few that are on my current wishlist for when I finally pull the plug and get something new.

Beach Umbrella

I might be the only person in the world who doesn’t like to suntan. I hate it. There’s really no escaping the sun when you’re on the beach though. Because I needed my own personal shade, I went ahead and bought a beach umbrella to take with me. I bought mine for $20 at Christmas Tree Shops and it’s served me well over the years. It’s easy to set up, covers a wide space, and it’s easy to carry. A beach umbrella is definitely a beach must have for me and I don’t go anywhere without it.



I’m having a moment with swimsuits. I never really cared what kind I would put on as long as it fits me. Now more than ever, they’ve become a fashion statement and there’s a lot of different types to suit anyone’s body type. For me, I definitely prefer one piece swimsuits with a high leg cut. I find them to be so classy yet sexy. I’m also liking the low back trend. I have so many swimsuits on my wish list and not enough places to put them to good use, I’ll probably still buy them though!

Swim Coverup

My favorite websites to buy my swimsuits and coverups are definitely Asos and Forever 21. There are a lot of affordable, yet chic and sexy pieces you can find. A lot of coverups now will double as beachwear and as something you can wear out and about.


I recently wrote a post about my favorite summer sunglasses and when I go to the beach these are simply a must in my bag. I can’t go anywhere without sunglasses anymore.

Beach Sandals

No look is complete without a pair of shoes. Beach sandals have become way more than just Old Navy flip flops. A lot of beach sandals now are chic and comfortable. Easy to slip on and off at the beach!

These items are my must have beach essentials! Let me know in the comments section what you bring to the beach!



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