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My Kinda Obsession | My Top 3 Sunglasses for the Summer

My Top 3 Sunglasses for the Summer

Boston is finally starting to get summer weather, which is about damn time. The unseasonably cool weather was really starting to depress me. The change in weather has me bringing out some of my favorite sunglasses to wear in the summer. I love sunglasses and have recently been on a roll with purchasing some new ones to add to my collection. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory as they can take your boring outfit to a whole other level. If you are on the lookout for new sunglasses to add to your collection, keep reading to see my recommendations of my top 3 sunglasses for the summer!

Ray-Ban Round Metal

My Top 3 Sunglasses for the Summer | My Kinda Obsession

You’ve probably seen these Ray-Ban sunglasses all over the blogger world and might be sick of seeing these. Honestly, I did buy these after seeing some of my favorite instagrammers wearing these. They just looked so simple yet so stylish and I wanted my own pair. I used to hate my face shape, Oval, but after realizing I can pull off most frame shapes, I’ve never been happier. These round sunnies look great on oval face shapes and they are my go-to sunglasses when I just want to look put together! If you have the same face shape you will not regret buying these. These are definitely becoming a must-have staple.

Ray-Ban Round Metal Mirrored

My top 3 sunglasses for the summer | My Kinda Obsession

Another round pair that I’ve currently been obsessed with that has made it onto my list of the top 3 sunglasses for the summer. What makes these Ray-Bans perfect for the summer are the mirrored lenses. Mirrored lenses are having a moment and I am all for it. I love that these sunnies are round and not the typical style of mirrored sunglasses you’ll find. Again, these look great on oval face shapes and trust me when I say that you’ll get a whole lot of compliments when wearing these!

Tiffany & Co. Aviators

My Top 3 Sunglasses for the Summer | My Kinda Obsession

These are my first Tiffany sunglasses and were a present for my birthday. I am so in love with these and have been wearing this non-stop since I received them. I don’t hear people talking about Tiffany & Co. sunglasses but I find them to be very stylish, chic, and on trend. The details of these are stunning. On the side, you’ll find the signature infinity loop studded with small crystals. The size of the aviators are also perfect and don’t overwhelm the face. The mirrored lenses add a perfect touch.

I hope if you’re on the hunt for new sunglasses my recommendations of my top 3 sunglasses for the summer helped you decide on a new pair.

I’m slowly building my collection so let me know in the comments section which ones are your favorite sunnies!





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